Swim Route - 750m - View the route

A 750m open water swim in the River Dee - wetsuits are compulsory. 2017 will see three waves of Divas swimming downstream from the ferry pontoon (opposite Sandy Lane).  Exit will be via the pontoon ramp - there will be marshals to assist Divas out of the river.  Friends and family will be able to map competitors progress by walking alongside the river! 

Bike Route - 25km - View the route

Once out of the River Dee, Divas will take their bikes from transition and make their way out onto Elizabeth Crescent.  Once off Queens Park the 25K cycle route heads out to Eccleston, descending onto the old Wrexham Road and out to Rosset before turning at the Marford roundabout to return to the Chester Meadows.  The course is generally flat with slight undulations at the beginning/end of the route!

Run Route - 5km - View the route

Off the bike and out of transition for the final discipline - a 5K flat off road run within the Meadows - before heading over the Finish line - with a big smile!!!

The Divas Quadrathlon will be same details/ routes as above but with a 4k Kayak in between the Swim and Bike (route map will be available shortly!)

Kayakers will exit the swim and enter transition - as above - but will collect their buoyancy aid and paddles before exiting (via Swim In) to collect their kayaks and begin their paddle - slightly downstream to turn clockwise around a buoy then 2k upstream (as far as the Red House) - clockwise at the turning buoy and then 2k downstream with the final anticlockwise turn taking them back to the 'beach'.  There will be marshals/helpers to take the kayaks.  Quad Divas will take their buoyancy aids/paddles and re-enter transition to get ready to cycle!