On the Day - FAQ

Here are some of the questions we've received.  Please read these before emailing:

1. Is it a deep water swim and is there somewhere to warm up?

It's a deep water start, depending on timings there should be time for a brief warm up, we aim to do the safety briefing 15 mins before the start and it takes a couple of minutes.  If you get in first then you should be able to get a 5 minute warm up.

2. What happens if the river is too cold?

The full 1500m swim swim can place at 12.5 degrees, a shortened swim can take place at 11 degrees. If its colder than that it will be a dualthon, 3km run 40km bike 10km run but this is highly unlikely. Swim temperature will be displayed at registration and transition any changes to the race will be announced on the day.

3. Is there somewhere to leave my shoes at the start?

In your sticker set is a baggage sticker, you can attach this to the goody bag given to you at registration and leave this in a area for your wave.  This can be picked up once you have finished.  Please do not leave any valuables and try to keep the amount of things to a minimum as we have limited space.

4. Are there any showers?

There are showers by the Pagoda Building in the Park, turn right as you exit transition.  You can also use the City Baths from 10am for a swim / showers or changing.

5. What time does transition close?

Transition will remain open for later waves to rack after the first waves have started.  We would ask everyone to make sure they are racked in plenty of time to get to the start for the safety brieifing which is 15 mins before your start time.  Please take care in transition as there may be people racing when you are racking.

6. When will I be able to get my bike after the race?

Once all the people from your wave and the one after you have completed the bike section the marshals will allow you to collect your bike.  We will announce the numbers that can collect their bikes over the PA system. Please take care in transition as there will be others still racing.