Olympic Distance

Swim Route - 1500m - View the route

The swim route starts from the Groves and is a 800m upstream / 700m downstream course this year exiting at the slip road by the Boathouse Inn.  Waves are set off at 10 minute intervals from 07:00 with most waves sizes kept less than 100.  The river is about 80m wide for the whole course so there is plenty of room for all.

Bike Route - 40km - View the route

The route exits from Grosvenor Park at the North West corner and proceeds along Union Street into Souters Lane before exiting along the Groves onto the Old Dee Bridge.  The course then follows Eton road out to Eccleston, through Pulford, Rossett before heading east through Borras Head and Borras, it then drops onto the new fast Wrexham Industrial Estate Relief Road before heading back to Chester along Sibberfield Lane and Chester Road.  Upon arriving at Sandy Lane a single lane will be closed to traffic for the return to Grosvenor Park through Boughton.

Run Route - 10km - View the route

The run route is three laps of riverside paths, local minor roads and now the Old Dee Bridge as well as the newly refurbished suspension bridge.  The finish will be on the Groves by the bandstand.

Middle Distance

Swim Route - 1900m

The swim route is essentially the same as the Olympic course with an additional 200m before the turn around point.

Bike Route - 87km - View the route

The Middle distance couse is best described as two laps of the olympic course with an additional loop around Wrexham Industrial Estate only on the first lap

Run Route - 21km - View the route

The run route follows the Olympic course to the turnaround point before heading further along the riverside path.  It then doubles back towards the meadows before returning the same route.  You need to complete 3 laps.