Run Route

Deva Run Route 2014 Satellite Small

ROUTE FOR 2016:  *** 3 LAPS ***

The route exit transition from the South West corner and runs along the avenue for 50m before turning down to the park exit and across the suspension bridge.  The route then turns left onto Lower Park Road, then enters the meadows and continues on the right fork to the T Junction, continue to the right for approximatley 150m to the turn around point (make sure you cross the timing mat).  The route the returns along the riverside path under the suspension bridge, past Salmon Leap and onto the Old Dee Bridge.  Cross the bridge then turn right onto The Groves.  For the first two laps proceed past the finish area and back onto the suspension bridge, on your third lap enter the finish chute on The Groves.  There will be km markers at every kilometer.

The middle distance route is the same as the olympic route until the turnaround point.  It then continues along the riverside path until you get to the bench.  It then almost doubles back and heads through the fields towards bottoms lane.  Once you read then meadows path you turn around and head back.  Each lap is approx 7km and you need to complete 3 laps.