Swim Route

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The swim route starts from the jetty on the Groves.  The swim goes up the right side of the river to the turn around point.

You should keep all the buoys on your left when passing.  Yellow buoys are used to mark the route out and red buoys will mark the route back.  You must not swim in the restricted zone in the middle of the river between the yellow and red buoys.

The middle distance route will extend 200m beyond the olympic route but the end point will be moved for the Olympic race.

The river is very wide for the swim, between 80m - 100m so does not flow particularly fast.  For the first 300m swimmers have the entire width of the river, as you pass the exit point on the way upstream the channel narrows to accomodate the returning swimmers, please keep left of all the buoys.

Exit the river using the ramp adjacent to the Boathouse Inn, there is a 50m run up the road which will be matted before a short flight of steps and about 25m of uphill tarmac path which will be matted too before running accross the grass to transition.